The Global Village: Intercultural Communication and Understanding in a Connected World.

Prof. Ali Khan

Department of Urdu Literature, University of Karachi

Keywords: Global Village, Intercultural Communication, Understanding, Technology, Cultural Exchange, Diversity, Critical Competence, Collaboration


The concept of the "Global Village" encapsulates the growing interconnectedness of the world through advances in communication technology. This article explores the challenges and opportunities presented by this interconnectedness, focusing on the role of intercultural communication in fostering understanding and collaboration in a diverse world. We examine the impact of technology on cultural exchange, highlighting both its potential for bridging divides and exacerbating existing biases. The article argues for the development of critical intercultural competence, emphasizing the importance of active listening, empathy, and respect for diverse perspectives. By navigating the complexities of intercultural communication, we can navigate the Global Village more effectively, harnessing its potential for mutual understanding and cooperation.