1. Purpose

The purpose of this Archiving Policy is to outline the procedures and guidelines for the archiving of content published in the Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review. Archiving is a crucial aspect of preserving scholarly work, ensuring long-term accessibility, and maintaining the integrity of the journal's contributions.

2. Types of Archiving

The Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review employs the following types of archiving to safeguard published content:

a. Primary Archiving: The journal utilizes a secure and reliable online platform for the primary hosting and archiving of published articles. This platform will be regularly maintained and updated to ensure compatibility with evolving digital standards.

b. Secondary Archiving: In addition to the primary platform, the journal collaborates with recognized archival services and repositories. This ensures redundancy and accessibility in case of any issues with the primary hosting platform.

3. Archiving Partnerships

The journal establishes and maintains partnerships with reputable digital archives and repositories that specialize in preserving academic and scientific content. These partnerships aim to broaden the dissemination of the journal's articles and enhance the visibility of scholarly work.

4. Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

All articles published in the Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review are assigned Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). DOIs provide a unique and permanent link to each article, facilitating easy and persistent access over time. The journal is committed to working with DOI registration agencies to ensure the stability and longevity of assigned identifiers.

5. Version Control

To maintain the accuracy and integrity of published content, the journal employs version control mechanisms. Any updates or corrections to articles will be clearly documented, and the original version will remain accessible. Version information will be clearly communicated to readers.

6. Open Access Archiving

The Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review is committed to open access principles. All content is archived in a manner that facilitates free and unrestricted access to scholarly articles. This ensures that the research published in the journal contributes to the global knowledge commons.