The "Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review" (LJLLR) recognizes the valuable contributions of diverse scholars and aims to make publication accessible to individuals who may face financial limitations. To this end, LJLLR offers a limited number of waivers for article processing charges (APCs) based on the following criteria:


  • Financial hardship: Applicants must demonstrate genuine financial hardship that would prevent them from covering the APC without significant difficulty. This can include, but is not limited to, low income, lack of institutional funding, or unexpected financial burdens.
  • Academic merit: Applicants must be the primary author of a submitted manuscript that has been deemed publishable by LJLLR's rigorous peer-review process. The quality of the research and writing will be a significant factor in determining waiver eligibility.
  • Early-career researchers: Priority will be given to applications from early-career researchers, including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members within the first five years of their appointments.
  • Geographical diversity: LJLLR is committed to fostering a diverse community of scholars. Applications from researchers from countries with lower GDPs or limited research funding will be given additional consideration.

Application process:

To apply for a waiver, please submit the following documents along with your manuscript:

  • A completed waiver application form: This form will request information about your financial hardship, academic background, and research project.
  • A letter of support: A letter from your academic advisor or supervisor confirming your financial hardship and the value of your research.
  • Documentation of financial hardship: This may include tax returns, proof of income, or other relevant documents.