Withdrawal Policy

The "Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review" (LJLLR) values the contributions of its authors and recognizes that circumstances may arise necessitating the withdrawal of a submitted manuscript. This policy outlines the procedures and considerations regarding manuscript withdrawals after submission.

1. Pre-review Withdrawals:

  • Authors can withdraw their manuscript at any time before the review process begins. This can be done by contacting the LJLLR editorial office via email at [email protected] or through the online submission system.
  • No fees will be incurred for pre-review withdrawals.
  • Authors are encouraged to provide a brief explanation for withdrawal if possible, but it is not mandatory.

2. Post-review Withdrawals:

  • Once the review process has commenced, withdrawal is generally discouraged as it disrupts the workflow and may delay the publication of other manuscripts.
  • However, LJLLR understands unforeseen circumstances may necessitate withdrawal. Authors can request withdrawal after receiving the initial review decision but before the final decision (acceptance or rejection) is made.
  • Requests for post-review withdrawal must be made in writing to the editorial office, clearly stating the reason for withdrawal.
  • LJLLR will consider the request based on the following factors:
    • Stage of the review process: Withdrawal requests are more likely to be granted earlier in the review process.
    • Impact on reviewers and editors: LJLLR will consider the inconvenience caused to reviewers and editors who have already invested time in the manuscript.
    • Potential for future submissions: Authors who have a history of responsible conduct with LJLLR may be more likely to have their withdrawal request granted.
  • If the withdrawal request is approved, authors will be informed via email.
  • If the request is denied, authors will be informed of the reasons and encouraged to discuss any concerns with the editorial office.

3. Consequences of Withdrawal:

  • Authors who withdraw their manuscript after the review process has commenced may be subject to a delay in submitting future manuscripts to LJLLR. The length of the delay will be determined on a case-by-case basis, considering the factors mentioned above.
  • Repeated withdrawals without justification may result in difficulty in publishing future submissions with LJLLR.