Copyright and Publishing Rights

1. Copyright

  • Original Works: All original works published in the "Liberal Journal of Language & Literature Review" (LJLLR) are the sole copyright of the author(s). Authors retain all intellectual property rights to their work, including the right to reproduce, distribute, and adapt their work, subject to the terms of this policy.
  • Non-Original Works: For any non-original work (e.g., images, figures, tables), authors must ensure they have obtained the necessary permissions for publication in LJLLR. This includes obtaining written permission from the copyright holder and acknowledging the source within the manuscript.
  • Third-Party Material: LJLLR reserves the right to include third-party material (e.g., editorial comments, book reviews) in the journal. This material will be clearly identified as such and will not be subject to the same copyright terms as original works.

2. Publishing Rights

  • Non-Exclusive License: By submitting a manuscript to LJLLR, authors grant a non-exclusive, worldwide license to publish their work in the journal. This license allows LJLLR to publish the work in print and electronic formats, as well as to make it available online through the journal website and other platforms.
  • Archiving: LJLLR reserves the right to archive and maintain published works in perpetuity. This includes making the work available through online repositories and libraries.
  • Author Self-Archiving: Authors may self-archive their published work in accordance with the following guidelines:
    • Authors may post the published final version of their work on their personal website or institutional repository after a six-month embargo period.
    • Authors must include a link to the published article on the LJLLR website and clearly state that the work was originally published in LJLLR.
    • Authors may not post the pre-print or any other unpublished version of their work without permission from LJLLR.

3. Author Warranties

  • Authors warrant that their work is original and does not infringe on the copyright or any other intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • Authors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their work.
  • Authors agree to indemnify and hold harmless LJLLR from any claims or lawsuits arising from the publication of their work.